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      Our gluten-free bakery was began by Rhoda & Kenneth Mazerolle and Rhoda’s daughter, Rasha Lowe. Our family is originally from Northern Maine and we relocated to the Central Florida area in 2004.  Rhoda & Rasha had owned and operated a childcare center up north for 13 years and Ken was retired from his career as an owner-operator.  The business and all our homes were sold after he suggested we move to Florida full-time.  Sounded like a good plan to us!  No more shoveling snow...what more needs to be said?! 

      Hillbilly Farms storefront first opened in March 2011 and started out by selling market fresh fruits and vegetables only. It had quickly expanded into a 100% gluten-free bakery and a café that also offered lunches. In late 2019 our family decided to sell the building and land where the business was located in order to adapt to recent family changes. The bakery is still running, but the items will now be baked and packaged in a rented licensed facility by our staff. There is no longer a storefront run by us, however you can visit the Products Location page to find where to locate and enjoy our products still being sold to the public! Personal orders can be requested by contacting Rhoda via messenger on our Facebook page or by contacting her directly at (352) 206-7478. There may be minimum order restrictions and a few days notice required depending on the existing schedule bookings.


     Our personal journey down the gluten-free road has not been an easy one!  Both Rhoda & Rasha medically are unable to process gluten products safely.  At the age of 30, Rasha had undergone several tests in attempt to find out why the symptoms such as a droopy face, inability to walk instead of crawl up a flight of stairs, or even be able to eat any food without seeming as if the stomach flu had hit.  The easiest diagnosis they can usually offer after all the tests "look normal" is Fibromyalgia, which I am sure many of you can relate with...or even worse, the "it's all in your head" diagnosis is suggested!  A couple years after this a family member was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and it was recommended that anyone in the family who had similar physical or digestive symptoms just try the gluten-free diet.  At that point with all our combined health issues we figured it couldn't hurt for a few weeks.  To our surprise, some of the symptoms started to slowly go away!  From that point on it just seemed like a no-brainer to continue the changes in what we were eating.  Sure we miss some of the "bad" foods, but we soon realized it was no longer worth feeling like we were dying in bed every night!


     Our decision to create original gluten-free recipes and offer our products for sale just seemed like a chance worth taking and it has become a huge success for us.  Our customers are guaranteed that we understand their dietary struggle since we have to bake this way for ourselves also. We do hope you find our products and experience them for yourself. We promise they are both moist and delicious. Honestly, it's hard to convince some of our customers that the products really are gluten-free!

P.O. Box 1534    ~    Dade City, FL  33525    ~    Phone: (352) 206-7478
E-mail: Rhoda@Hillbilly-Farms.com

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